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Publications: Text
Publications: Text


CHAPBOOK = objects of december. Yavanika Press. 2020 

“[overflow].” Sonic Boom. Best of the Poetry Shack & Fiction: Selected work from Issues 1-15 Anthology. 2020

“Gray Synchronicity.” Active Muse. January 2020

“Fractured Consort.” Active Muse. January 2020

“The answer is because.” Synaeresia. Issue 9. 2020

“Love Uses.” Synaeresia. Issue 9. 2020

“Modestly Reported.” Wilderness House Literary Review. 2020

“Court Street” Thimble Magazine. June 2019

“Echo.” Buddy Lit Zine. Issue 4. March 2019

“Napkin Poem #3.” Califragile. Oct. 10 2018

“[drain],” “Heartland,” “Indulge,” “Lavender Lips,” “[mode],” “Napkin Poem #1,”“Undisclosed,” “Love Seat.” Sunflower Sutra. Audio Podcast. Sept. 26, 2018

“Degree.” Ghost City Review. Fall 2018

“I Could Write About My Sister.” KYSO Flash. Fall 2018

“Sunday Dinner.” Nothing Substantial. 2018

“[overflow].” Sonic Boom. Issue 12. August 2018

“Life.” Cadence: The Inner Circle Writers' Group Poetry Anthology. Clarendon House Publications. Print. July 2018

“Summer Solstice.” Pangolin Review. Issue 4. July 2018

“Forgiveness is so easy with you.” Pangolin Review. Issue 4. July 2018

“Compulsion.” Street Light Press. Issue 12. April 2018

“Memorial Day.” Street Light Press. Issue 12. April 2018

“A love poem from London.” Dying Dahlia Review. May 2017

“Evacuation Synonym.” Flatbush Review. Issue 1. 2015

“Excerpts of Train Stories.” Flatbush Review. Issue 1. 2015 

“Perhaps.” Teaching English in the Two-Year College. Vol. 40.3. Print. 2013

“Divide the Braids of Fired Eyes.” Brooklyn Paramount. Issue 2. Print. 2012

“Lavender Lips.” Downtown Brooklyn. Issue 17. Print. 2008

“10 years ago, Maybe 8.” Downtown Brooklyn. Issue 17. Print. 2008

“Thursday.” Downtown Brooklyn. Issue 17. Print. 2008

“Death Upon Shakespeare.” Downtown Brooklyn. Issue 16. Print. 2007

“Innocence” Rhetoric. A Poetic Compilation. The Raven Institute. Paw Print Publications. Print. 2003

Publications: Text
Publications: Gallery
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