I understand that most people struggle with writing tasks. I promise that my expertise, passion, and guidance will permeate any apprehension you may have about your writing project. By breaking down the difficult tasks, I will make the process feel easy. 


Resumes + Cover Letters, General Writing Support, Studying skills, ACT, SAT & CATW Test Prep, Essay Writing, Creative writing coach, Designing documents & presentations, and more.

Scroll below for details regarding each service.

Please Note:

The majority of services are not in person, although in-person meetings are available.

All services are customized based on the client's needs and requests.

Rates are adjusted when necessary.



Guaranteed Success

I will create a sleek and professional resume that will impress any employer. 

Starting at $85 - $120

Resume conversions to a Curriculum Vitae or revision of a CV are also available services. Ranging from $100 - $150


Personalized & Professional

I will create and edit a cover letter that highlights your skills,
experiences, and personality.
$80 - $100


Your go-to Proofreader

Have you ever had to write a formal email, text message, or letter and wished you had someone reliable to ask for advice? Need to know how to respond to the interview request or need to write a detailed complaint letter? Wouldn't it be nice if you had someone to give you direction and peace of mind? Well, look no further. I'm available to help you compose whatever it is that you need. Price pending service.
Starting at $20 for small tasks.


A Guiding Post

Together we will sort through the task at hand, discover your ideas, and will create a reasonable plan. $65 an hour.


Detailed Advice

The goal of all essay writing is to be clear, detailed, and focused. I will provide you with specific advice, typically in the form of questions or recommendations, to help you develop your ideas. In addition, I will make sure all guidance follows the assignment directions, as well as MLA or APA requirements. $65 an hour.


Personalized Attention

If you are looking for an ongoing virtual classroom, I can prepare individualized curriculum, lessons, assignments, and feedback. The focus could be reading or writing prep at any level, creative writing, or business writing practice. The cost depends on the scope of the client's request.


Habits and Process

Knowing how to study and work through challenging tasks is half the battle. This service will offer a survey and discussion to discover the type of learner you are. I will offer coaching and suggestions for effective studying strategies as well as an implementation of these strategies that we can try out together. Repeated sessions, "study buddy sessions," are available. The initial session is $65.


ACT Writing, SAT Writing, SAT Essay, CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW).

ACT Writing, SAT Writing, SAT Essay, CUNY Assessment Test in Writing (CATW). 

I am an SAT Essay specialist. Even though students are often scared by this essay, I will show you how easy it is to complete this essay successfully. In addition, I offer ACT Writing, SAT Writing, and CUNY CATW coaching. $65 an hour. 


Patient & Guiding

Most readings assigned in school are challenging. Reading is nuanced and complex. Sometimes we need help to learn how to focus on and follow an author's ideas.  I will provide a guided reading session to help teach a student how to slow down and observe key parts of a text. We will engage in annotating and discussion about the reading. The goal is to build the student's confidence and reading strategies. $65 an hour.


A Critical Reader

I know how difficult it can be to be objective of your own work. Writers become attached and tend to react with hesitation and a sense of protection during the revision and editing processes. It is valuable to take a step away and gain an outside perspective. I will offer creative writers, specifically poets, a critical reading of their work with an emphasis on vocabulary, line breaks, symbolism, and overall interpretation. The cost for this service depends upon the length of the project.


Remote Writing Services

This service is best for anyone who is looking to create a letterhead, hand-out, pamphlet, PowerPoint, Google slide, flyer, or newsletter. Do you have important information that tends to get lost on the page? Does it all blend together? Is it visually appealing? Let me design it for you. Starting at $50


Lessons & Documents

One of my specialty skills is formatting student-friendly documents and worksheets. I can design anything from scratch or offer you one of my current worksheets that guide students through annotating, planning, and reflecting. 

Need to structure an assignment and need some help? Let's discuss the details and I'll set it all up for you.  

Getting Observed and want to make a good impression? Let me create your course summary document. 

Price pending the type of service requested. 


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