Margot M. Craven, Ed.M., M.F.A., is a college writing professor since 2005, a published poet and a peer-reviewer for 2 literary journals. She is the founder of The Write Place which offers resume writing, tutoring, and writing coach services for businesses and creative writers. 

Margot is also a newlywed, currently lives in Staten Island, NY, and has been filling her summer with tons of reading, writing, crafting, and miscellaneous house projects

- an introvert's dream.

She also has a new found love for oat milk in her coffee =) 


I have dedicated my career to working with students of varying ages in order to help them discover their potential.  In 2004, as an undergraduate at Stony Brook University, I discovered my passion for the teaching of writing. In 2005, I landed my first teaching job. I have 2 advanced masters, one in creative writing from Long Island University and another in teaching college English from Teacher's College, Columbia University. 

All students are looking for practical and quality guidance. It has been my objective to fulfill that for them. I have worked closely with students who display a wide range of writing skills. It is my expertise to guide all students - especially students who feel lost and overwhelmed. I have worked with multilingual speakers, adult students, students with varying learning disabilities as well as students enrolled in honors programs.


My love for teaching stemmed from the absolutely amazing dynamics and "ahh-ha" moments I witnessed in countless tutoring sessions. Over the years, I've worked for 4 tutoring programs and have taught at 6 colleges, in addition to my freelance services. One-on-one and small group tutoring provides insight and a connection that is not only imperative to a student's learning but to their self-esteem. 


When I was 10-years old, I tried to convince my friends to write a book with me as a summer activity. Needless to say, the idea of being a writer was a natural desire. I studied under Lewis Warsh and am inspired by poets such as Sappho, Margaret Atwood, Gertrude Stein, William Carlos Williams, Eileen Miles, Frank O'Hara, Robert Creely, Gary Soto, and many more. I love finding new authors in small bookstores, and carrying around chapbooks in my purse everwhere I go. Over the years, I realized I missed the exchanging feedback with other writers. Therefore, I decided that The Write Place will also offer a place for creative writers and poets. Through a reader-response style of feedback, I focus on tone, vocabulary, interpretation, clarity, and standard editing. 


The Write Place was born after years of informal freelancing resumes for anyone who asked me. While updating a friend's resume after a long day at work, I realized that reformatting and editing her resume was like the satisfying feeling of fitting pieces of a puzzle together. I wondered, "humm, maybe it is time to let strangers know I like doing this." 

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